Assalamu’alaikum and Salam Sejahtera.

I would firstly like to thank the previous committe for their commitment and dedication for managing NESRAC

I have also made to understand that the Founders, The Nine Mikes and Nine Whiskeys together with the previous committee were a remarkable group of individuals whose collective actions, plans and ideas, deserve our thanks and admiration. We need to find the words to thank this group of dedicated members and to pay tribute to their actions, and their guidance and nurturing role that they play on a daily basis into maintain the Flag of NESRAC high in Negeri Sembilan and through out the HAM community.

NESRAC; A Club and the most important knowledge that you will stumble on NESRAC, Is knowledge about the wonders of HAM Radio and the community surrounding it. NESRAC has come a long way since 2004 and NESRAC will be here as long as the members are supportive.

NESRAC is about you and your relationship with all members and everything else in this Club. There is so much information out there in terms of developing a vision for NESRAC. We need to focus to create a vision that will make NESRAC as one of the sought after Club in Negeri Sembilan and maybe through out Malaysia and the World. We need to be mindful that focuses on Quality instead of Quantity.
We need to create a vision whereby our name becomes synonymous with excellence, innovation, honour, integrity and outstanding quality and service. That's it – WE NEED TO PROMISE LESS and DELIVER MORE every time. If we keep our vision simple yet goal focused - then we will have turned defining our vision into a stepping-stone, one which we will use to reach even GREATER HEIGHTS.

All the dedicated committee at NESRAC need to be committed to define our Club vision. We need to draw on the Founders , Pioneers and the Members experience and hold onto what works, we need to introduce new thinking and approaches where feasible and we need to stop what isn't working.

I am proud to say that the new NESRAC committee is not only creative, but aggressive, talented in their fields and also diversified in many ways. We have a kaleidoscope of professionals different in so many ways. As the President of NESRAC I will focus on the individuals' strengths and use their strengths in a very goal-directed niche within our Club. I am fortunate to have committee members that enhance our Clubs vision with their special talents, talents given willingly, passionately and voluntarily.
NESRAC is an interesting Club - of that there is no doubt. But the Club do still face obstacles. I suppose it's a lot like a day at the beach - magical and amazing! But then there is also the sunburn, the scratchy sand in your costume, cold water and hot sand. We can look for the obstacles and it will spoil our day at the beach. Or we can look for the stepping-stones and make it happen.

NESRAC is not perfect - we'll keep working on that. We have our moments but I know that underneath it all - we will STRIVE further.

We will build your TRUST through the QUALITY of our performance.

March 2013

President , 2013-2014


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